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After Having A Baby : 10 Things To Expect

After my article about the signs of pregnancy that no woman will tell you.  I have gotten  so many messages from young ladies asking me to write about what to expect after pregnancy. And so, I decided to put together 10 things to expect after having a baby.

Before I proceed, I must warn you that this post is a bit blunt. Not to discourage women but to prepare them to embrace what is to come.

Pregnancy changes a lot of things in a woman’s body. While pregnant, your stomach swells up to accommodate your fellow human being.  Surely, there has to be a price, right?

Furthermore, I’m going to start from the psychological effects to the physical aspects.

Let’s get down to it. Before I proceed, this is a long read, I suggest you grab a bottle of Fanta .

10 Things To Expect After Having A Baby :

Postpartum Depression

As you may already know, some women become depressed after having a baby, but this lasts only for a few weeks. In this stance,  they most times;

  • Feel restless
  • Become easily irritated
  • Have trouble focusing
  • Start having thoughts of harming themselves or their child
  • Sleep too much or feel sleepless
  • Show no interest in the baby, etc

These are glaring signs of postpartum depression. If you or someone close to you shows them,  please call a doctor right away.

Again,  Web MD will help you understand more about postpartum depression and how you can overcome it.

Feeling Unwanted After Having A Baby

This comes with a feeling of insecurity and low self esteem. You see yourself as unattractive,  even though your partner reassures all the time. In fact, you feel insulted or pitied whenever he tells you how beautiful you are.

Furthermore, you start feeling threatened and insecure when your partner talks with other women. Or even looks at them. You feel everyone is more beautiful than you. You feel they are more superior because of their perfect body.

Whenever you look in the mirror, you  see an ugly elephant. You don’t think you will ever fit into your old clothes again, so,  you cry and hate yourself.

I will say this,  IT IS NORMAL!!!  its just a phase. Well,  phases pass and make way for other phases but how fast it passes depends on you.

Here are some things you can do to overcome low self esteem after having a baby

  • accept that some of your old clothes are no longer for you. Wear clothes that fit your new body.
  • Take care of yourself. Make your hair,  take care of your skin and eat healthy.
  • Try and exercise. Don’t do it, if you can’t. You don’t have to.
  • Focus on your other body features. Eg; your face is still beautiful , it didn’t change. Your hips are more pronounced now.  And your butts?  Oh wow!  Now you have something to focus on.


Lets look at the more physical changes that happen after having a baby;

The baby belly

Whew!  This is a very serious concern for new moms. “Will my belly get  back to normal? “.   “Will I ever be normal again after having a baby? “.  Well,  this depends on your definition of normal. If you mean getting back to your youthful belly again, well, like I said,  it depends.

Your belly never really gets back to normal. Although bodies differ, but 90% of the time, the reminder still lingers.

Six weeks after having a baby,  if your stomach wants to go down, that would be the time. Other times,  you could have what is called Diastasis Recti.  When this happens,  it is almost impossible to get your belly back. Note : I said almost. This means, you can still get it back with the appropriate exercise  and/or surgery.

Baby Belly

Most times, some women actually succeed in reducing the baby pooch. This leaves their belly with wrinkles. So, either way, there is always a scar of remembrance.

Baby belly with wrinkles

There is really not much you can do to stop these from happening. But you can reduce it. Some women apply Shea butter on their stomach during pregnancy . And it works for them. But if you want it to be very effective, you have to avoid gaining weight during pregnancy.

Saggy Breasts from breastfeeding your baby

Yeah right!  Your breasts go down in defeat after breastfeeding a baby for 6 to 9 months.  But you already know this right?  I bet you don’t know that they lose their firmness too. Yes!  It doesn’t just go down, it loses its original alluring firmness.

More so, if you gained weight during or after pregnancy, your breasts may even shrink after breast feeding or stay large, if you don’t try to lose the baby weight.

To try and reduce the disaster to a certain level,  you must try your best to not add weight during/after pregnancy.

Urinary Incontinence

This happens when your pelvic floor has weakened. The pelvic floor weakens when it has been stressed by over weight or pregnancy. And in this case, it is pregnancy that is the cause. 5 out of 10 women experience this after having a baby.

Signs that you have Urinary Incontinence after having a baby

If you experience Urinary Incontinence, you would notice you leak pee a when you;

  • Cough
  • Laugh
  • Workout
  • Lift a heavy load
  • Throw up

Almost anything that puts pressure to your stomach makes you pee.

The good new is that it is treatable . And its treatment is very simple; KEGEL EXERCISES. The essence of this exercise is to strengthen your pelvic floor. The most important thing is that it can be done anywhere and at anytime .

Varicose veins after childbirth

According to Medical  News Today  Varicose veins develop when small valves in the veins become weak. These valves usually stop blood from flowing backwards through the veins. When they are damaged, blood can pool in the veins . This causes twisted and swollen veins (varicose) which become visible.

Varicose veins credit :


It happens  when the legs are stresses due to overweight or pregnancy. Medical News Today, stated some home remedies for varicose veins.

Other Things to Expect After Having A Baby include ;

  • Looking generally older than your mates
  • Increase in shoe sizes
  • Rounded hips and butts
  • Flabby hands
  • Cellulite and dimpling around the thighs
  • Stretch marks
  • Weight gain


All the above mentioned aftermath of childbirth should not have any influence on you. They all get better. If they don’t, get used to them.

See it as a little price to pay for bringing your amazing kids into this world.

Don’t let anyone bully you into doing harmful things to yourself in order to be beautiful. Ask them, who sets the beauty standards, anyways?

Ignore what the society tells you that your imperfections need to be fixed. See it that your body changed so you can accommodate and snuggle your baby.

Are there things you have personally noticed after childbirth? Why don’t you tell us in the comments? XX




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