10 Successful self care strategies every mom needs

By now, self care already sounds so great to you, but then it’s out of reach. And let’s look at it, if you opt in for self care routine now, who is going to help you knock off the items on your to-do list?

Who is going to answer your babies calling you for the 200th time in one hour? How about the unfinished proposal on your desk? Tomorrow is Monday remember?

Oh, you are married, so you have someone to share the responsibilities with… But then, you might be mistaken. You know why? Because men are even more baby-like than your 3-year olds, always depending on you to fix their home needs for them.

Most of the time, its on you to find their favourite pair of socks , lol! But why is that? That’s by the way, though.

So, what if I break it to you that there are guides into achieving successful self care for single and married moms? These strategies are just as effortless as you can imagine.

This time around, you won’t feel selfish taking care of yourself when ordinarily you could have been at the errands of your kids. You know, just as She Knows ( put it, for so many of us, “me time” is vastly inaccessible; we just plain can’t afford it.

And when we do get it… well, it’s rarely worth the cost.

I think you may want to go over my article on the benefits and importance of self care . And, yes, I have a detailed resources on the examples of general self here.

This article will focus on the best strategies to achieving successful self care for single and married moms. So this, right here, is basically for you.

Effects of self care on your daily life

What does self care do to you actually? They have tried to talk you into it before but you always wonder of what use it is going to be exactly.

This is why I am going to give you four things self care does to you as soon as your give it a chance in your schedule and routine.

1. A boost to your physical health

According to Imom (, Self-care helps you physically in two ways. First, it’s important to make time for regular health check-ups and screenings. I’ll be the first to admit that getting my kids to the doctor and dentist is hard enough. But as an only parent, it’s even more important to make sure you’re getting healthcare as well.

2. Successful stress magangement

As a mom, trust me, it’s more like you are on a long term contract with stress. It’s even a bit worse if you’re a single parent, thats like a one way ticket to chronic stress.

I mean, there are bills for you to settle, a home to manage most times with limited resources, emotional needs of your kids as a mother…

All these coupled together makes self care the most important thing to you right now. And with the strategies we are going to point out later in the article, you’ll realize that there are more fun than stress in your daily life.

3. Balance wheel to your emotional health

In one of our recent articles, we discussed how you can take care of your mental health . Thing is, our emotional doesn’t take long before it gets worked up. So you need time to balance what you think and feel to make your emotions more anchored.

4. Better mom for your kids

According to Imom (, Why is it that time away from my kids triggers guilt? Maybe it’s the text asking when I’m going to be home or the phone call to see where the uniform is that reminds me how much my family needs me. And while being needed is wonderful, giving into guilt can make me feel like a martyr which can make me feel bitter or resentful.

Working strategies of self care for single and married moms

You are just as important as your kid’s assignment. You know why? Because if you crash today, not only you will go down, your lovely kids will too. This is why you need your “me-time” to take the best care of yourself so your kids will have someone to call again tomorrow.

And if you’re married, you don’t just know how important you are in your home. Maybe your husband doesn’t tell you, but if something empties your place today, lives in that home will be disorganized. This is why you should give time to some if not all of the 10 strategies of self care for single and married moms detailed below:

1. Listen to soothing music often: If you haven’t given it a trial, you wouldn’t know how much music relieves stress. Take some time out, plug in your headphone and listen to some of your favorite music, alone.

2. Go to bed an hour earlier: Take a time cut from your chores and go to bed an hour earlier, then watch yourself wake to better possibilities.

3. Write in a journal: There is much more going on in your life than you can record in your memory. So write a journal on a niche you find interesting, on your experiences about s particular top, and even if its an opinion piece.

4. Get up fifteen minutes early so you can linger over a cup of coffee: Just 15 minutes before your little miracles wake up to their mom’s arms, you would do more for yourself over a cup of coffee.

5. Go to a park and sit on the swings with your kids: Create a different kind of sweet memory with your kids, make them feel their mom is a master of all when it comes to everything fun and beautiful.

6. Build yourself to say ‘No’ to some responsibilities: As much as these people in your life need you, remember you need yourself more. So when you’re being given an unnecessary task, learn to say ‘No’ without feeling guilty of selfishness.

7. Express your creativity: Would you believe me if I said your exceptional gift is not doing chores? Yes, there is much more to you outside the shores of your marital, parental and professional obligations. Explore yourself to meet a rather more interesting you.

8. Write a letter to a friend: If you would agree with me, there are so many people out there you haven’t seen in a while, yet it has skipped your mind to even reach out. They might just be one mail away.

9. Outsource : If you have friends or relatives who live near you, let them help you with some chores. When older kids in the  neighbour hood come around, allow them take care of some chores for you. If you are a perfectionist who like to do everything by yourself, you have to learn to let people help.

10. Smile: Against all odds, always remember this truth that should always live with you- you’re beautiful. So, dear mom, smile!

In conclusion, self care is not what you learn to do in one day, its a gradual process.

Most times, we overwork ourselves so people don’t think we are lazy. The truth is, everybody has been through this before and deep down, they regret not taking breaks while they could. After all, there is no price for the most suffering woman in the world .

So, is there any point I left out? What are your self care strategies?

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